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What is diamond?

Diamond (Greek word adams – invincible) is a colorless, crystalline solid with a large index of refraction of light. Diamond is an allotrope of carbon. He is the hardest mineral in nature. Therefore, it is used for cutting, grinding and polishing other softer materials. On Mos scale of hardness it ranks the highest with the hardness of 10.
Carbon atoms occupy tetrahedral diamond structure, each carbon atom has 4 sigma bonds. The hardness and the ability of the diamond to refract light as a result of its structure.
Cutting and polishing of diamonds obtains BRILLIANT which is used in jewelry. Polishing is carried out by diamond dust.
Based on the foregoing we conclude that the diamond is the hardest and the stone with the most shine. More needs to be familiar with some of the characteristic of the diamond to go shopping. Our goal is to make you the best offer for the amount of money that you spending and choose the best jewelry with the best stones.
4 factors affect on the price of the diamond. There are 4 letters C, which help us in determining the quality of a diamond.
CARAT – carat is a measure of weight for precious stones (1ct = 0,20gr)
COLOR – color. The absence of colors on diamonds is wanted.
CLARITY – purity. It is common to have small inclusions and small crystals inside the stone
CUT – grinding. What is actually implied by grinding is shape and cutting quality. The most common shape is round briliant cut, or, as we say it BRILLIANT.

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